'Spray-On Skin' is a Revolutionary Way to Heal Wounds with Old Cells

 - Aug 9, 2012
References: theweek & holykaw.alltop
'Spray-on Skin,' developed by Healthpoint Biotherapeutics, is a promising new skin therapy that could help millions. The product was created with the intention to help heal open wounds and ulcers.

The hope for the product is that it will heal enough that people needing serious treatments, like skin grafts, could possibly avoid them altogether and use this less invasive treatment instead. Spray-on Skin consists of donated skin cells and an anti-clotting agent.

The Week quotes the inventors saying the results included "superior healing and a faster time frame than anything else we've seen in the treatment of venous leg ulcers."

This could mean huge things for people suffering from these types of ailments. Especially for burn victims, who could stop wearing compression bandages for long amounts of time.