The Medical Vein Viewer 2 Can Spotlight Circulatory Pathways in Real Time

 - Mar 24, 2015
References: christiemed &
A great number of different medical procedures would be improved through the use of the Vein Viewer Vision models, enabling doctors and nurses to get instant information about blood pathways and patterns beneath the surface of their patients' skin. The clinical equipment is capable of creating a picture of blood vessels as deep as 1.5 centimeters, thanks to digital full field technology and HD imaging.

Near-infrared light is projected on the relevant body part; its rays are reflected by most of the tissue, but they're absorbed by the circulatory system. The result is an illuminated picture within a rectangular area, showing the physician the valves, bifurcations and peripheral veins and even allowing him or her to observe the flushing of these tubes in real time. The VeinViewer Vision increases the safety, the precision and the efficiency of vascular procedures, every step of the way.