Bionic Skin Can Detect the Human Body's Internal Temperature

 - Sep 19, 2013
References: ubergizmo & dvice
Science takes leaps and bounds and the newest rumors of 'Bionic Skin' is no exception. 'Bionic Skin' is "wafer-thin" and no thicker than a postage stamp; it is imprinted with barcodes and is applied upon human skin.

The purpose of the device is to be temperature-monitoring mechanism that can give a better understanding of your body's internal temperature. The thermometer measures very precisely -- up to two one-thousandths of a degree. The technology will be particularly useful for those with medical issues that require constant body temperature monitoring; your body rises or lowers in temperature to counteract certain processes within -- to certain people this is much more important to monitor and may be the difference between life and death.

This technology is also a water-soluble adhesive and is to be as unnoticeable to the touch as a tattoo.