The Human Regenerator is a Luxurious Anti-Aging Solution

 - Sep 3, 2015
References: bitrebels
Priced at a $570,000 rate, the 'Human Regenerator' is an anti-aging device that claims to reverse aging effects. For many urban dwellers, exposure to the elements -- sun and harsh winds -- and air-borne pollutants contributes to skin's tired look. In addition to smoothing out unwanted wrinkles, this machine is also said to even out one's complexion, making it ideal for those with an uneven skintone or users who are aiming to reverse the effects of sun damage.

Unlike at-home light therapy devices, this expensive option is designed for those who lead a lavish lifestyle. While its enormous price tag makes the machine a rarity -- only 50 models have been made to date -- its light therapy features are proven to be effective and are likely to be adopted by experts in the dermatology field.