The 'Hovr' Device Forces Users to Unconsciously Exercise at Work

 - Apr 11, 2016
References: indiegogo & fastcoexist
'Hovr' is a clever new device that helps users fit a bit more exercise into their day. While standing desks have become a popular alternative to sitting, this set up doesn't work in every office. Now there is a more subtle option for those who want to combat the negative effects of sitting at a desk all day.

Hovr is an exercise device created by a doctor and a professional trainer. The device floats the user's feet above the ground so that the individual will naturally swing their legs as they sit. Similar to the feeling that comes from dangling one's feet off of a dock, the device gives the user the freedom to move their legs as much as they want to. Moreover, because the device doesn't require any conscious effort to use, it is less distracting than other desk-specific exercise equipment.

Hovr ultimately gives office workers a simple way to burn extra calories and add more movement to their daily routine.