The 'Sploofy' Smoke Filter Device Captures Smoke as it's Exhaled

 - Apr 5, 2016
References: amzn & dudeiwantthat
Designed for cigarette and marijuana smokers, the 'Sploofy' smoke filter device is intended to capture and filter smoke before it can be released into an environment.

While the majority of products on the market focus on sucking smoke out of a space after it has been lingering, the 'Sploofy' takes a more upstream approach. The 'Sploofy' is used by smokers to exhale through to catch unwanted smells to prevent a space from smelling like smoke after smoking.

The 'Sploofy' smoke filter device features a HEPA filtration system with a premium activated carbon insert to boot. This system is designed to capture smoke and smells with an accuracy rate of about 99%.

The 'Sploofy' features a replaceable cartridge that's designed to last for around 300 uses.