AROMAID Specializes in Wearable Aromatherapy Solutions

 - Apr 6, 2016
References: balancedhealthplus & trndmonitor
With its patented nasal clips, AROMAID is able to provide comfortable aromatherapy solutions for a range of issues.

Inside each one of the wearable nasal clips are essential oil blends that are designed to help with everything from soothing queasiness to inducing relaxation and naturally aiding with sleep. Soothe uses oils like ginger, cardamom and spearmint, while AROMAID's Sleep blend favors lavender, chamomile and sandalwood. Once the clip is in place, it is instantly activated, yet the scents that AROMAID's products give off lasts for hours.

This hands-free wearable is ideal for delivering concentrated aromatherapy where it will be most useful to the body. Rather than turning to products that must be ingested or applied topically, even the most sensitive consumers are able to use AROMAID's non-invasive aromatherapy solutions whenever they need.