Tinycards Expands on the Concept of Flashcards by Making Them Digital

 - Jul 20, 2016
References: tinycards.duolingo & lifehacker
Ages before the advent of digitized learning systems, flashcards were an excellent way to help internalize rote information, so it's no surprise that an educational tech company would seize the opportunity by creating a flashcard app. Duolingo, the popular language learning app, is releasing 'Tinycards,' a new flashcard app that uses Duolingo's learning techniques but applies them to an expansive trove of topics -- anything from famous inventions to Cyrillic characters.

The free app has a certified stock of card decks, but also allows users to create their own cards, so there's virtually no limit to the topics that could be covered. The lessons are structured just like when using physical flashcards, with the app showing a picture and asking its user to match that to a word, or vice versa. The flashcard app is lightweight, with lessons only taking minutes to complete a lesson, thus capitalizing on users' desires to have polymathic knowledge on a limited schedule.