'PacMan Vs. Hunger' Uses a Classic Game to Support a Good Cause

Tech consultancy Gaea Solutions recently debuted a game called PacMan Vs. Hunger, which uses a familiar arcade game to help solve a pressing issue. Instead of asking users to rack up points for bragging rights, the goal of the game is to provide others with much needed food.

PacMan Vs. Hunger is similar to the arcade game PacMan, except it does not require tokens and it is completely free to play. In order to access the game, users must answer questions about entrepreneurial strategy based on information presented on the company's blog. The company will then hold bi-weekly tournaments that pit fans against one another to compete for top honors. At the end of the tournament, the top scores will be converted in food that will be given to a charity in the winning user's hometown.

The idea behind the project is to gamify charitable donations and make it more fun for consumers to join the fight against hunger in America.