From Beanbag Cinema Chairs to Gamified Rock Climbing

 - Oct 8, 2016
The top October 2016 entertainment ideas reveal two interesting themes -- the first being entertainment that focuses on comfort and the second being the gamification of activities using tech.

The cinema in Samorin, Slovakia was designed by Michal Stasko and features vibrant bean bag chairs instead of chairs. The entire space is multi-colored and offers a dynamic divergence from traditional movie theatre seating. Another example of the fusion of comfort and entertainment is 'Fierce Edge' clothing, which offers comfortable workout gear that makes its wearers look like video game characters.

The gamification of physical activities using tech is clear in the 'Augmented Climbing Wall.' The wall mixes rock climbing with tech-based gamified elements and competitions to enhance the experience of those playing and to challenge players more than the original method of climbing does.