The CROSS2DESIGN Smart Table Adjusts to Satisfy Different Needs

 - Sep 20, 2016
References: cross2design & yankodesign
With technology such as smartphones and tablets being rather ubiquitous, the CROSS2DESIGN Smart Table comes as a logical next step when it comes to technology integration.

Blending the aesthetics of a functional table with the immersive experience of a tablet, the table can be utilized for work, school and entertainment purposes, and everywhere in between.

The touch-sensitive top makes it easy to interact with the on-screen content, while the robotic leg system allows it to be angled into different orientations. This allows it to be used as a traditional table, a screen for presenting and even an easel for digital designing.

The CROSS2DESIGN Smart Table is the design work of Dongyup Lee and identifies the ways in which we could see furniture evolve.