'3on3 Freestyle' is a Cartoon Video Game for Casual Basketball Fans

 - Sep 27, 2016
References: 3on3.fsgames & digitaltrends
Most modern sports video games aim for verisimilitude in their graphics and gameplay, but '3on3 Freestyle' is a basketball video game that knows the unadulterated joy of playing old-school, arcade-style sports games. The game completely abandons real-world mimicry, opting for cartoonish graphics and impossible physics to offer a slam dunk of an experience.

Reminiscent of arcade basketball games like 'NBA Jam' or, more recently, 'NBA Street,' '3on3 Freestyle' allows players to leap to absurd heights and dribble with preternatural precision and control, pulling off moves that no real person could. However, that's where the game finds its fun: in its irrealism.

'3on3 Freestyle' is not sponsored by the NBA, and thus the game's characters are all fictional. However, the characters' clothing and demeanors are clear references to different types of basketball fans.