The 'Better TV Viewing Beer Mug' Leaves Views to the Screen Unobstructed

 - Sep 12, 2016
References: perpetualkid & mashable
The 'Better TV Viewing Beer Mug' solves a problem that plagues dedicated TV-watchers who also enjoy drinking a nice pint in front of the tube.

When watching captivating programming, be it the big game or a season finale, looking away for even a second can mean missing a crucial moment. But as a result of the cylindrical shape of a pint glass, taking a sip of beer necessitates blocking the TV -- a paralyzing double bind.

The Better TV Viewing Beer Mug solves this problem by reshaping the very core of the issue, taking a slice out of the standard pint glass shape. With the novelty mug, consumers can take a deep draft of their drink without breaking their line of sight.