HOPE The Board Game Lets Teams Work Together to Save the World

 - Jul 6, 2016
References: kickstarter
HOPE The Board Game is a Kickstarter-funded project that centers around a futuristic community in the year 5341. The fictional community is made up of 193 billion people who are able to live together in peace until their universe begins to implode. While the game starts off with the ideal community that is the result of political stability and advanced technology, it soon becomes a place that needs to be saved by H.O.P.E, the Human Organization to Preserve Existence -- a group that players will instantly become a part of.

In addition to traveling from one dimension to the next alongside their team members, HOPE The Board Game players will also be able to visit new and unexplored planets while racing against time to make these regions livable.

Taking place in a space station, this competitive game will appeal to Millennial sci-fi buffs and gamers with an appreciation for fantasy. Transporting players into a new world, this board game is immersive, complex and most of all fun, especially for those with an appreciation for dystopian story lines.