The Packaging for Mr. Big Tops Candy was Created by Company P4Ck

 - Mar 18, 2014
References: p4ck & packagingoftheworld
Kids will be drawn in by the hypnotic packaging for Mr. Big Tops sweets. This large rectangular candy kit has four perforated tabs which can be torn open to reveal various goodies. This crowd-pleasing product has a little bit of everything, which people with a sweet-tooth will appreciate.

This snack box is brightly colored, which helps to grab attention. The front of this package features a man wearing a top hat and a monocole (which makes sense, considering the brand name). The background of this package is covered in pink and yellow stripes, which adds to the overall circus feel behind this design.

Mr. Big Tops sweets are perfect for satisfying sugary cravings on a movie night. The bright and cheery package design, created by company P4CK, will likely appeal to children.