A 'Tuna for Kids' Product is Labeled with a Mesmerizing Scaly Illustration

 - Feb 27, 2015
References: candesign.pt & packagingoftheworld
It isn't until you set your eyes on this particular example of fish packaging that you'll realize an overwhelming trend in branding that isn't being followed here. Can Design of Portugal did not opt for the usual cutesy and cartoony imagery for a kid-targeted product, giving this box of tuna cans a very rough and edgy visual style instead.

The Filets de Atum em Aziete carton is decorated with a seemingly watercolor wash for a background, on which vibrant pastels seem to have been drawn. While there is something endearing about the appearance of this marine mascot, the lines that depict it are rough, creating pointy scales and wrinkles around bulging eyes. The high-contrast choices of colors of bright orange and aqua blue further this highly stimulating graphic to appeal to the modern kid consumer.