The Backs of Kix Cereal Boxes Contain Cutouts for Playtime

 - Apr 22, 2015
References: kixcereal & thedieline
While there are many cereal boxes that contain a toy for kids to find, Kix Cereal takes a different approach with Storybox, turning the product box itself into the components for play. The "pop-out and play" cereal boxes are branded with bright characters and disks that can be cut out and assembled into imaginative new forms like jellyfish, race cars and robot-shaped creatures. By turning the packaging from an object to be recycled into a toy, this is a huge part of fostering creativity and sustainability in young ones.

As well as taking the form of tangible paper dolls, the cutouts on the cereal boxes also live on as digital storybook characters which can be interacted with online or through a mobile device.