The Three New Doritos Jacked Flavors Are a Surprise

With Doritos Jacked, Doritos is conducting a "flavor experiment" with three mystery chip flavors. Aside from some nutritional information and a few ingredients, all that's provided to help you tell the bags apart is a colored system and three numbers: 2653 (blue), 404 (yellow), and 855 (red.)

According to a review of the chips on Brand Eating, the blue flavor seems to have traces of sweetness that likely comes from cocoa, which also matches up with its brownish coloring. Yellow is described as having a tanginess and the taste of a "citrus-y soda" like Mountain Dew, and the red flavor is just plain spicy.

Taste testers will be able to vote for their favorite flavor online and if you're feeling adventurous, you could be rewarded with a daily prize from Frito-Lay.