The 'Shiawase Banana' Features a Seamless Sticker Label

 - Jul 16, 2015
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'Nendo' has developed an eco-friendly banana that features an innovative seamless label. The 'Shiawase Banana' was developed for 'Unifrutti Japan' as a means of producing a fruit that would cause no harm to the environment.

The Shiawase Banana is grown at 1,000 meters altitude in the Mindanao region of the Philippines. The farmers use only the highest quality organic fertilizers and strict limitations are placed on pesticide use. Beyond sustainable farming methods, what truly makes the Shiawase Banana unique is its innovative packaging. The bananas are covered in a double-layered sticker, which helps to protect the skin of the banana from damage such as bruising or discoloration. These stickers blend seamlessly into the banana for an ascetically pleasing design.

By using innovative farming methods and sustainable packaging materials, Nendo has managed to create the world's first eco-friendly banana.