The 'Octopus George' Bag Looks Like an Octopus Hanging Off Its Wearer

 - Sep 12, 2016
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When wearing the Octopus George backpack, consumers might need to get used to terrified looks of shock from strangers passing by. This isn't because of something offensive about the design of the bag, per se, but rather because the Octopus George knapsack is a convincing replica of a giant octopus clinging onto the back of its wearer.

To be sure, the backpack is a functional piece of gear, with a flat pocket for laptops, large books, or notebooks; a small pocket for things like keys, a phone, or a wallet; and a large pocket for everything else. But those practical features likely aren't the driving force behind anyone interested in purchasing the creative bag.

Rather, the bag's felted sheep's wool material that accurately mimics an octopus's skin and the tentacled straps are what would attract any buyer.