Mio Izawa's Art Pieces Merge Technology with Organs

 - Aug 11, 2016
References: boingboing.net & iimio
Surely, Japanese artist Mio Izawa is a fan of David Cronenberg. The artist's installations merge technology with organic matter in a way that closely resembles the Canadian filmmaker's early oeuvre, with Izawa's 'Mechanical Tumor' and 'Grow Cord' looking like set pieces from 'Videodrome' or 'Existenz.'

Whether Mio Izawa is aware of Cronenberg or not, her art pieces are creepy, uncanny, and often downright disturbing. For instance, Grow Cord is a iPhone charger covered in an intestinal plastic that uses motors to "suck" on the phone with a organic irregularity. The Mechanical Tumor is another statement on technology, as the cancerous device attaches to a computer hard drive and distends as the CPU works harder.

Not all of Mio Izawa's art is so gloomy, however. Heart (L) is a cushion that looks like a biological heart and attaches to users' pulses, beating in sync with their own hearts for an oddly comforting experience.