These Artificial Body Parts are Made Using a Modified Cotton Candy Machine

 - Feb 11, 2016
References: & fastcodesign
Professor Leon Bellan from Vanderbilt University has creatively altered the engineering inside a standard cotton candy machine so that it is able to reproduce artificial body parts made from sugar. Thanks to Bellan's alterations the candy appliance is able to replicate human capillaries with the ability to keep them alive and functional for several days.

Bellan's designs works off of the existing function of a cotton candy machine and its ability to melt sugar and create re-solidified strands. The strands are then slightly altered with Bellan's engineering to be more functional as capillaries, spinning dozens of them in seconds using the cotton candy machine.

While Bellan's candy floss capillaries might seem far-fetched, they could potentially offer insight into 3D-printing organs for viable use in the future of medicine.