The Piero Golia 'Comedy of Craft' Soap Bars are Shaped like Comedic Noses

 - Dec 5, 2016
References: gagosian
Piero Golia's 'Comedy of Craft' soap bars are silly products that, while unique from one another in terms of scent, all share a common connection in terms of their nasal profile. If that sounds counterintuitive, it's only because of the shape of the Comedy of Craft soaps. The bars are shaped like exact replicas of a nose.

Far from just any generic nose, the Comedy of Craft bars have a famous olfactory inspiration. The nose shape is borrowed from a precise replica of the nose on the George Washington head at the famous Mount Rushmore statue in South Dakota.

Piero Golia was able to replicate George Washington's nose in soap with the help of several artists. First, the Hammer Museum in LA enlisted a team of sculptors to carve the nose's shape into a foam replica, and then another team of art students in New Orleans created a smaller mold that Golia could use for his soap bars.