'Sampedro Accesories' Offers Luxurious Handmade Jewelry and More

'Sampedro Accesories,' founded by two designers named Oier and Carlos, recently released a selection of tanned leather accessories and a minimalist lookbook to promote how one might fashion the pieces.

As 'F*cking Young!' reports, the brand's selection was "inspired by traditions and folklore of the Basque Country in Spain." All in all, Sampedro Accesories' offerings are impressively eclectic -- with harnesses, belts, chokers and more items that are elegantly styled.

Throughout the lookbook that promotes these accessories, a male model wearing all white poses against a white backdrop -- helping to highlight the luxurious appearance of the handmade designs. Despite all of them using the same tan leather and silver components, the level of intricacy that each boasts gives the pieces a unique look.