Gordy's Fine Brine Allows Consumers to Enjoy Pickle Juice on the Go

Gordy's Fine Brine is catering to pickle-lovers with its canned pickle juice beverage. Although a divisive topic, some people enjoying drinking the sweet brine that keeps pickles tasting fresh. Now the pickle-based juices are available in a convenient canned format for those who want to enjoy the unusual beverage at their leisure.

Gordy's Fine Brine is canned pickle juice available in handy 12 ounce servings. The liquid inside is meant to taste exactly like the salty, sweet and tangy juice that one would find in the bottom of a pickle jar. Although the product is marketed as a cocktail mixture, the convenient canned format makes it easier for consumers to sip the tangy juice directly.

With summer just around the corner, pickle juice could serve as a salty substitute for your favorite warm-weather beverage.