The Smarttress Boasts Sensors to Detect Vigorous Rhythmic Motions

 - Apr 18, 2016
References: telegraph & neatorama
There are a lot of technology out there that measures how well a person sleeps, but how about those times people are in bed but engaging in a completely different activity? To make matters even more interesting, let's talk about such activities that are happening with the wrong person. Smarttress is an adultery-detecting mattress that will expose unfaithfulness in relationships.

Created by Spanish bed manufacturer Durmet, the adultery-detecting mattress is outfitted with sensors that are able to measure vigorous rhythmic motions that are associated with sex -- verified by research. The technology is so advanced, according to Durmet, that information being sent to the user's phone will be in real time. Iván Miranda says, "If it detects suspicious activity regarding time of use, frequency, intensity or speed, it sends a notification to the phone terminal with which it is linked."