The Infinity Burial Suit is an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Cremation

 - Feb 4, 2016
References: coeio & fastcoexist
The 'Infinity Burial Suit' is an eco-friendly alternative to cremation that could change the way we approach funeral traditions. After a person has died, their body is injected with formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals that can contribute to climate change. This suit eliminates the need for these chemicals by using mushrooms instead.

The Infinity Burial Suit was designed by Jae Rhim Lee and Mike Ma to serve as a greener burial option. The suit is made from mushrooms, which work to compost the body over time. The designers choose mushrooms because the fungi has the unique ability to clean up contaminants and filter out pollutants. As Lee explains, "I was inspired by the idea that mushrooms are the master decomposers of the earth and thereby the interface organisms between life and death."

While the idea of a biodegradable funeral suit may sound a bit morbid, the product addresses some of the real challenges posed by the funeral industry.