Foundation Partners Group Offers Multi-sensory Experience Rooms

 - Nov 4, 2016
References: wsj & gizmodo
Foundation Partners Group, a funeral home company in the US, is modernizing the admittedly somber experience of a funeral by introducing high-tech multimedia to its homes. The company's multi-sensory experience rooms include not just video, but also audio and even olfactory effects that will provide a more holistic sense of mourning for those at Foundation Partners Group's homes.

Eulogizing videos are nothing new for funerals, but Foundation Parters Group's multi-sensory experience rooms literally expand on that concept. The rooms have wall-to-wall projector screens that can play videos as well as stock footage from locations like a beach or a mountainside. Most strikingly, the rooms offer custom scents that can be coupled with these environments. For instance, the room can be set to smell like fresh cut grass if the deceased was a golfer.