The Siesta4 is a Tent That Stays Cool and Dark in Direct Sunlight

 - Apr 14, 2016
References: indiegogo
The 'Siesta4' is a revolutionary new tent that helps to keep users cool and comfortable even in blazing sunshine. One of the problems with camping in the summer is dealing with the heat caused by direct sunlight. This tent features an innovative design that helps to keep the interior cool even in the hottest environments.

The Siesta4 is a durable, yet lightweight tent made from a specially designed material that reflects infrared, visible and ultra-violet light. In addition to reflecting direct sunlight, the tent also features ducted side vents that can be used to install two eight-inch, USB-powered fans. These fans draw cool air into the tent to keep the interior cool even when there is no breeze outside. Not only does the Siesta4 keep the inside of the tent at a comfortable temperature, but it also keeps the interior dark so that campers are not woken up by natural light.

The heat-blocking tent is perfect for consumers who like to camp in areas that are especially hot and humid.