This Vertical Cemetery Helps Maximize Burial Space

 - Feb 3, 2016
References: dezeen & bustle
Architecture students Karolina Pajnowska and Fredrik Thornström recently proposed the idea of building a vertical cemetery to combat the shortage of available burial plots in cities. While the idea may seem slightly morbid, many cities are currently looking for ways to solve this very issue.

Pajnowska and Thornström came up with the idea of a vertical cemetery while studying at the Lund University School of Architecture in Sweden. The proposed idea involves turning abandoned silos into storage spaces for urns. The urns would be placed on spiraling shelves inside, with a candle and an evergreen plant placed beside each one. To mimic the peaceful essence of a tradition cemetery, there would be a waterfall inside the silo running continuously.

Although the skyscraper cemeteries would require us to radically rethink the way we approach funereal traditional, the proposal does represent a sustainable solution for dealing with a shortage of available burial plots.