This Japanese Pepsi White Beverage is Being Released for Christmas

Japan is known for being the testing ground for some truly ridiculous flavors of candy, chips and soda -- and the latest wacky product on the Japanese market is Pepsi White, a Christmas-themed, citrus-flavored soda.

Pepsi White was originally released in Japan in 2008 as a limited edition beverage. That edition of Pepsi White, however, tasted like yogurt. The current release will actually taste like citrus fruit, although Pepsi Japan hasn't revealed which fruit in particular the new Pepsi White will be inspired by. The Pepsi White packaging has a Christmas theme, adorned in snowflakes and snowmen as well as the ubiquitous Pepsi red, white and blue spherical logo.

Releasing limited edition beverages gives Pepsi a trial run for soda flavors that could eventually be popularized worldwide and become longer-running varieties.