From Futuristic Film Beverages to Brand Unity Burgers

 - Oct 25, 2015
Pop culture and entertainment are a huge focus of the top October 2015 publicity stunt ideas. With the release of many new insalments from favorite franchises, brands are capitalizing on the excitement. This is most apparent in the release of the limited edition Pepsi Perfect bottles, which coincide with the launch of Back to the Future II. Similarly, Starbucks launched a set of galactic Frappuccinos inspired by Star Wars only on Force Friday.

In the theme of movies, TV and streaming entertainment, one of the most outrageous stunts is the Catch-Up Grant from Samsung. Over the course of 100 days, a single participant will be able to binge watch their favorite shows from the peace and quiet of a monastery—the best part of all is that the participant will be compensated for their time spent away from the real world.