These Public Transportation Tickets Can Also Be Used to Wash Hands

 - Sep 11, 2015
References: asirihospitals & creativecriminals
As unusual as it sounds, Asiri Hospitals in Sri Lanka created a bus ticket that can also be used as a bar of soap.

The hybrid soap-tickets address a common problem: most public bathrooms are not equipped with soap, while public transit is extremely crowded, making them the perfect breeding grounds for germs to multiply. In order to put a positive spin on these conditions, the hospital created a roll of paper that was fused with soap, so it could actually be used in the same way as a bar of soap.

Rather than handing out full bars of soap, these bus tickets are slim, practical and serve a dual purpose. On top of it all, the Soap Bus Tickets emit a pleasing scent that riders seem to enjoy sniffing.