The Legends of Gaming Channel is Sponsored by Pizza Hut

 - Sep 9, 2015
References: tubefilter & adweek
Digital content network Endemol Beyond USA partnered with Pizza Hut in the creation of a new web series titled Legends of Gaming. The new series brings together the ultimate comfort food in the perfect game-based setting.

Legends of Gaming will be the first series on the company's new e-sports and gaming digital channel called Smasher. Essentially the series will bring together four teams of two gamers. These gamers will compete while being coached by e-sports celebrities such as Fatal1ty, Perfect Legend, HotShottGG and Hafu.

The show's host will be YouTube personality Toby "Tobuscus" Turner. Each episode will focus on gaming, satire and pizza. The set of show will be decorated with Pizza Hut and gaming accessories. This is the perfect place for gamers to relax, grab a bite and watch some intense gaming while learning from industry professionals.