From AR Beauty Apps to Virtual Action Film Kiosks

 - Apr 14, 2016
These examples of augmented reality entertainment range from promotional film kiosks to interactive aquarium exhibits that are designed to educate children. Standouts include the London Aquarium's simulated 'Frozen Planet: Face to Face' experience that was launched in partnership with BBC Earth. In addition to giving visitors an engaging and educational experience, this exhibit featured multi-sensory elements that made visitors feel like they are truly in the middle of the Arctic.

Other notable examples include a Batman vs. Superman movie theater kiosk that was set up inside of a Dubai shopping mall. The photobooth kiosk used augmented reality software to transform shoppers into their favorite superhero and featured competitive games that were immersive while acting as an intelligent promotional tool.

Additional examples of augmented reality entertainment include actual devices like holographic televisions that are powered by AR technology and headphones that alter reality to enhance one's music listening experience.