This McWhopper Burger Invitation Honors International Peace Day

The dream of the McWhopper burger was sadly short-lived. Burger King's revolutionary proposal to create a hybrid burger with long-time rival McDonald's was rapidly rejected by the Golden Arches.

When word of Burger King's proposition began to spread, however, other fast food chains reached out to offer to take McDonald's place in the McWhopper burger collaboration. In its latest version of the revolutionary hybrid burger proposal, Burger King has extended its offer to Denny's, Wayback Burgers, Krystal and Giraffas, as well as reissuing the invitation to McDonald's. In honor of Peace Day on September 21st, Burger King proposes that the restaurants unite to create one colossal multi-brand burger.

The fast food giant says that it has already started building a pop-up shop to deliver the epic burger mash-up to curious mouths.