This Boozy Beverage from MillerCoors Combines Smooth Ale and Sweet Soda

 - Aug 25, 2015
References: cspnet & beveragedaily
MillerCoors is launching a fresh soda beer beverage that combines the smooth taste of beer with the sweet flavor of soda. The globally recognized beer company is launching two flavors of this soda beer in an effort to cater to a younger generation.

MillerCoors is set to release 'Henry’s Hard Ginger Ale' and 'Henry’s Hard Orange.' Both of these beverages contain well known soda options that are accepted and appreciated by the majority. By catering to a larger audience through recognizable flavors, the brand's target market will be more inclined to try the new beer.

While many younger consumers are motivated by ready-to-drink booze, not all consumers enjoy the taste of beer. These unique 'Henry's Hard' choices combine the best of both worlds. These two flavors are not set to be released until January of next year, leaving consumers anticipated for the drinks' launch in stores.