The New KEURIG KOLD Instantly Prepares Pop Drinks from Capsule Pods

 - Sep 29, 2015
References: keurig & gizmodo
KEURIG has announced that it will be releasing an all-new capsule pod beverage machine entitled the KEURIG KOLD that will be an instantaneous at-home soda dispenser. The machine will function much like the Keurig coffee appliances except the device will be geared towards offering chilled, carbonated and perfectly sized sodas.

Consumers will now be able to create the perfect glass of soda instantly without fuss in the comfort of their own home. Similar to the original KEURIG, the KEURIG KOLD will use flavored pod capsules that users can insert into the machine to create their favorite soda beverages. The machine will carbonate the pod and create a perfect 100 calorie and eight ounce beverage that is ideally chilled without the need for ice. The KEURIG KOLD will offer popular soda brand names such as Coca-Cola, Red Barn, Canada Dry and Sprite to name a few.