This Tangy Vegetable Juice is Made from Organic Beet Powder

'Hawaiian Ola' is now producing a tangy vegetable soda that is made from organic beet powder. While many people enjoy drinking vegetable-based juices, there are few caffeinated beverages made from veggies. This beet-based punch combines the goodness of beets with a kick of plant-based caffeine.

The new 'Sparkling Noni Beet Punch' is a caffeinated drink made from real beets. The drink itself is made from a combination of organic beet powder and organic beet juice powder. The beet-based ingredients are then combined with pineapple and organic honey. The caffeine in the beverage comes from plant-based ingredients such as yerba mate and green tea. The result is a sparking vegetable drink that tastes like sweetened beets.

The Sparkling Noni Beet Punch is a tasty and healthy alternative to sugary sodas.