You Can Drink While Taking a Shower with the Shakoolie Shower Beer Holder

 - Dec 28, 2013
References: shakoolie & fancy
The Shakoolie Shower Beer Holder is one those inventions that seem so obvious you can't believe you never thought it. Beer is like an extension of your person; wherever you go, it goes and wherever it goes, you go. So when taking a shower, it's only natural to want to take your beer in with you.

Besides the societal faux pas, there are also practical reasons stopping you from taking your beer in the shower, forcing you to choose between showering and drinking. Fortunately you no longer have to make this Sophie's choice-size dilemma as the Shakoolie Shower Beer Holder will adhere to most smooth surfaces like shower tiles and vinyl (but not stone) and allow you to place your beer can (never use glass) in the holder, letting you drink in your shower almost as if you were the King of England.