This Bottle Opener Ring Collection is Both Elegant and Practical

 - Oct 15, 2015
References: adorn-milk & adorn-milk
This divine bottle opener ring collection was designed by the creative mind of Evan Dewhirst. Each ring is actually a 3D-printed piece of jewelry that doubles as a convenient bottle opener.

The idea behind these rings emerged from the creator's desire to fuse man and machine. Each stainless steel ring is a simple yet elegant accessory that combines two perfect circles. The circles meet at two intersections, which creates a completely symmetric shape.

Each bottle opener ring from the 'OBJCTS' collection is made to fit the index finger, which will provide maximum pressure for removing bottle caps. The unisex jewelry piece comes in a variety of colors, which include traditional stainless steel, black, bronze and gold. Each ring is the perfect accessory for either a male or female beer lover.