The Versaball Robotic Gripper Will Battle CES 2015 Attendees At Beer Pong

 - Jan 5, 2015
References: empirerobotics & gizmag
The Versaball robotic gripper is a robotic arm that will battle proficient beer pong players at CES 2015. The robot will ultimately take on the winner of the World Series of Beer Pong in a special 'man vs machine' face-off tomorrow.

The Versaball can pick up ping pong balls and fire them into cups with precision. It picks up balls using a suction mechanism, before blowing air into the ball to get it going.

Empire Robotics, the developers of the Versaball, say the purpose of the face-off isn't merely to amuse people. Rather, it is meant to show off the Versaball's ability to handle delicate objects with precision.

If you're unable to attend CES 2015 but fancy taking on a beer pong-playing robot, you can purchase the Versaball as a research kit directly from Empire Robotics.