The Sodavalve Helps Eliminate the Struggle to Open a Bottle of Pop

 - Sep 4, 2014
References: youtube & foodiggity
Sometimes opening a bottle of pop can be extremely hard -- especially if the cap is screwed on incredibly tight. Rather than wasting time struggling or trying to find someone with arm muscles bigger than your own, you can use the Sodavalve to expertly twist off any difficult bottle caps.

The Sodavalve is an innovative bottle opener designed to look like a sink handle. The Sodavalve fits comfortably over top of any standard beverage cap. The cross-shaped design of this bottle cap allows users to get a really good grip on the bottle cap so that they can apply as much force as possible into twisting it off. This neat little gadget comes in an array of fun neon colors such as red, green, yellow and orange.