The CNCH Wallet Comprises a Simple Stretchy Band and a Wood or Metal Panel

 - Jan 28, 2014
References: portsmithco & yankodesign
The creators of the CNCH Wallet understand that pockets are getting fuller and fuller with the introduction of every new gadget. As plenty of people are in the habit of carrying only credit cards and a couple of notes, billfolds can easily be made much more compact.

Each of these four beautiful money clips comprises a wide woven elastic band in black and a thin panel. This stiff backing is comparable in size to your debit card and keeps everything tightly in place. It's your choice to go for the oak, the birch plywood, the walnut or the stainless steel backbone by Portsmith. The timber CNCH Wallet affords the aesthetic beauty of organic wood grain patterns; meanwhile, the metal version offers you a handy built-in bottle opener.