This JAWS Shark Attack Glass is Perfect for Celerating Sharks Week

 - Jul 20, 2014
References: thegadgetflow
Experience the terror of coming in contact with the most ferocious underwater creature while drinking from the JAWS Shark Attack Glass.

This is a shot glass highlighting a shark’s open jaws, which can raise a spark of fear among your fellow friends every time you throw a party. It is not only a creative innovation in glassware but is also acid, alkali and water-resistant, which makes the piece tolerable to any temperature ranging from minus 20 degrees up to 180 degrees Celsius. You can use it anytime to serve both hot and cold drinks such as wine, spirits, coffee, tea, cappuccino, espresso and hot chocolate. Once the liquid fills the glass up, the ferocious creature molded within seems to be energized thus becoming a conversation starter among your entire friend and family circle.