This Modern Kitchen Design is Both Masculine and Delicate

 - Mar 14, 2014
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Having a modern kitchen design as beautiful and plush as this one probably inspires delicious meals and stimulating conversations while standing in this haven of class and style. 

Located in a former warehouse-turned-residence belonging to Marius Haverkamp in Amsterdam, the space is based on the residence's actual design. He drew up and executed the kitchen and its surrounding area, which is definitely unique.

Haverkamp and his wife, a children’s clothing designer named Emily Gray, chose to keep some industrial touches from the former warehouse design in their kitchen, but added to it more contemporary loft settings. 

The final look is stunning, creating the perfect place for the family and for guests. The kitchen both embraces a masculine, rugged feel because of all the brick, concrete, reclaimed wood, steel and glass as well as a delicate, vintage touch.