This Flexible Metal Grater Makes Cooking Easier

 - Mar 24, 2014
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This flexible metal grater will make you feel like a professional chef. One of the worst parts of preparing a meal is shredding ingredients. It seems easy to do but the constant rubbing and repeated hand motion can give you a hand cramp; not to mention trying to get your grater against a weirdly shaped cheese is not an easy task.

This new shredder gives you more stability and grip. The Flexy grate is flat but you can roll it into a 3D shredder. The modifiable grater makes shredding odd shaped foods easier and storage simpler.

It’s made out of harmonic stainless steel. Its memory body can easily return to its original flat shape. The creators of Flexy have tested the product multiple times to ensure that the tiny blades and the bending capabilities won’t work together and permanently warp your shredder. Say goodbye to complicated kitchen-prep with this easy to use shredder.