The Yuka Citrus Squeezer Does the Job of Two Food Prep Products

 - Jan 21, 2014
The Yuka Citrus Squeezer appears to be a fairly simple item, but you'll notice something really clever about it. Designed by Sne┼żana Jeremi─ç, the concept product would be manufactured from a single piece of molded material and be capable of performing several little culinary tasks.

Firstly, the lemon squeezer's curved cone makes it easy for you to juice fruit comfortably and effectively, having the liquid collect in the bowl-like base. A more abstract and sculptural approach to the creation of the object translated into the formal upwards extension of one side of the dish. Small perforations were made into this long lip of the Yuka Citrus Squeezer, enabling it to function as a strainer as well. With this, you could extract the liquid and separate the pulp as well.