The Apple iCup Hooks Up to Your Computer to Keep Your Coffee Warm

 - Feb 6, 2014
The concept is a simple one, yet the design of the Apple iCup is very interesting. Tomislav Zvonarić has developed a hi-tech teacup that serves the basic purpose of keeping your caffeinated beverage hot, but it does so with significant aesthetic and iconic expression.

To complement the office environment, the designer took the familiar Apple Computers logo and made that the form of the mug, providing the leaf and the bite mark as great handgrips. The saucer takes the same outline. Now, with a USB cable, plug Zvonaric's Apple iCup into your laptop or desktop device and the thick-walled drinking vessel will stay warm. Your java will keep from cooling off until you choose to disconnect it.

If only the iCup had the ability to recreate Steve Jobs' portrait in the steamed milk foam every time...