This Wooden Kitchen Resembles a Fast Food Restaurant

 - Feb 9, 2014
References: thisiscolossal & designtaxi
An American artist named Roxy Paine has carved an entire wooden kitchen that resembles an industrialized fast food environment. This life-sized kitchen is tiled ‘Carcass’ as the new installment is made of pure maple and birch wood. It features realistic materials such as soft-serve ice-cream machines, fryers and order counters that look exactly the same as a fast food restaurant.

His installation was designed to be ‘static’ as an aesthetic appeal to its real functions. The concept of carving a realistic wooden kitchen is very intriguing with such detailed features. When observing each object, they almost seem fully functional but its realism is what makes it very attractive. This kitchen would be an interesting experience to walk through as new perception of culinary art at its finest.